We’re traveling back to the 1930s in New York City. At the time, the country is gripped by the Great Depression and many people lost everything they had ever had. One day, on a bench in central park, a printer was considering taking his own life. This printer was in dire straights because he was losing everything of importance to him.

He was unhappy and had lost all hope so his wife was leaving him, his kids were angry with him, his business was floundering and his employees were halfway out the door. His vendors refused to continue doing business with him. He was truly at the end of his rope.

So there he sits, on a park bench in Central Park, and an elderly gentleman sitting next to him remarks on how down he looks. The printer then tells the stranger the story of losing everything and the stranger does something unimaginable. He pulls out his checkbook and writes out a check for $1M. Learn how this check completely changes the path the printer was on and how he manages to change his circumstances completely because of a slip of paper.

The three key insights for this episode are: 

  • What is confirmation bias and how can it prevent change? 
  • How confirmation bias looks like a fact, but is really an interpretation. 
  • Why confirmation bias prevents you from learning and growing.

What would you have done in the printer’s place? What confirmation biases are you dealing with right now? As they say, there are no facts only interpretations. Are you ready to change how you interpret the world and start making your business the most successful it has ever been?

In This Episode: 
[04:20] – Learn the 3 key insights you’ll learn from this episode.
[06:06] – Alex paints the picture of a printer during the Great Depression who is considering taking his life.
[07:53] – Listen as a stranger talks him out of committing suicide. 
[09:26] – Find out who the stranger was and how he gave the printer hope in hard times. 
[12:38] – Hear how just having hope can change your circumstances.
[15:28] – Who was that stranger really and what does this story have to do with your business?
[17:44] – What is the definition of confirmation bias? 
[18:32] – Alex shares examples of confirmation bias.
[23:23] – Objectivity is the way to discovering your confirmation biases.
[24:36] – If you’re unhappy in any area, then confront your confirmation biases.
[25:31] – The Alexism is, “It’s not what you’re selling that’s most important… it’s what your prospect wants to buy that’s what’s most important.”
[26:33] – Hear the quick recap for the three key insights of this episode: 

  • What is confirmation bias and how can it prevent change? 
  • How confirmation bias looks like a fact, but is really an interpretation. 
  • Why confirmation bias prevents your learning and growth.

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