21 Core Beliefs of Our ASA Team

I’m so glad you made it to this web page …

I’m Alex Mandossian, founder of the All Selling Aside Podcast. I’m the son of Carol and George Mandossian; brother to Taleen Petrossians; father to Breanna and Gabriel Mandossian; and life partner of Sandra Bravo.

Thanks for giving us the opportunity and privilege to share exactly what we BELIEVE in …

1) We BELIEVE the greatest way to honor your clients is the Be the person you pretend to be

2) We BELIEVE there’s no such thing as a self-made success in your professional or personal life

3) We BELIEVE it’s more important to be a problem Finder than a problem Solver

4) We BELIEVE the #1 responsibility of an ethical influencer is to Define Reality

5) We BELIEVE ethical influencers who know, but don’t do, still don’t know

6) We BELIEVE the two-word definition of “ethical influence” is Delayed Gratification

7) We BELIEVE it’s silly to wait for your ship to come in, because it’s better to swim out to it

8) We BELIEVE when growing your business, “Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional”

9) We BELIEVE the only thing worse than going in the wrong direction, is to do it enthusiastically

10) We BELIEVE sloppy success is always better than perfect mediocrity

11) We BELIEVE when the Ethical Influencer’s job is done, all buyers say: “We decided ourselves”

12) We BELIEVE your passion doesn’t produce Commitment, it’s your Commitment that produces your passion

13) We BELIEVE the principle of Priority is to know the difference between what is urgent and what is Important, and do what’s Important first

14) We BELIEVE spectacular achievement is always preceded by unspectacular planning

15) We BELIEVE when you decide to play the game of Ethical Influence your risk of insult is your price of clarity

16) We BELIEVE the ultimate competitive edge in any service business is Caring

17) We BELIEVE every business is an Ethical Influence business

18) We BELIEVE the shortest distance between two points in any buying decision is not a straight line, it’s the Path of Least Resistance

19) We BELIEVE to win the game in life a Don’t Do list is more important than a To Do list …

20) We BELIEVE nothing is more persuasive than the Truth

21) We BELIEVE Ethical Influencers are never as good as they think they are … they’re better!