Imagine a pathway. You’re at point A and you are looking to get to point B. It sounds simple enough, but dividing the pathway is nine locked doors. There are big locks, little locks, ancient locks, you name it, but each lock requires a different key. Your mission is to craft the keys that unlock each door, one by one. 

What’s at point B you ask? Well, it’s a sale. That illustrious construct that means the difference between running a business and having a hobby. What if, instead of having to craft new keys every time you made the trek down that hall, you had a mold ready for every specific lock? A mold, that you could replicate and provide to all of your salespeople who are also making the trek?

Objections aren’t the end of a sale; they are the beginning. By preparing your salespeople and yourself to deal with those objections, you are creating the mold that will help you craft the keys to unlocking sales objections every time. Listen in to learn the method that I use to obliterate objections every single day in my business.

In this episode, I share with you three key insights into how to obliterate objections and provide that information to your sales teams. Listen to learn:

  • What the Objection Obliterator Template is by definition.
  • Why the Objection Obliterator Template can boost more sales.
  • How the Objection Obliterator Template works, step-by-step.

Remember, if there is no objection, then the sale hasn’t begun. By creating an appropriate template, you save yourself and your team from remaking the wheel every time you or they are on a call with a potential client or customer. In every communication, a sale is being made. Are you going to be the one to win?

In This Episode: 
[03:55] – Learn the three key insights for this episode.
[04:51] – Alex reveals the perfect metaphor for the objections your prospects will give you on the path to a sale.
[06:00] – The sale begins when you get your first rejection, so embrace them!
[06:39] – What if you had an objection handbook to provide to your salespeople? 
[08:00] – Learn how to create your Objection Obliterator Template and why!
[09:31] – Alex shares the metaphor of an apple tree that represents the growth of a sale.
[10:50] – Your Objection Obliteration Template should be a “growing” document.
[11:43] – Hear the objections that Alex faces in his business.
[13:14] – The roots of the tree are the “frequently asked questions” in the template.
[15:02] – Listen as Alex answers the FAQs.
[16:48] – What comes after the FAQs? Your origin story!
[19:46] – How case studies strengthen your Objection Obliterator Template.
[23:29] – The leaves of your tree are metaphors. Listen to learn more!
[25:04] – The fruit, your apple, is your irresistible offer. (What’s in an apple? More seeds!) 
[25:59] – The “Alexism” for this episode is, “Don’t just look for business heroes, become one!” 
[26:41] – Alex provides a quick recap of the key insights reviewed in this episode.

  • What the Objection Obliterator Template is by definition.
  • Why the Objection Obliterator Template boosts more sales.
  • How the Objection Obliterator Template works, step-by-step.

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