Jeffrey Gitomer, one of my colleagues, friends, and an amazing salesperson, wrote a book called the Sales Bible. In his book, he writes that a sale is always made. Either you sell your prospect on the yes, or your prospect sells you on the no. Such a simple concept but one that will forever alter how you approach sales.

There are four decision-making personas that one must consider when entering a sale. Each of these decision-makers need to be approached in different ways. For instance, the competitive decision-maker processes things fast and logically. This would be me. I want to quickly know what I’m being sold and why it makes sense for me.

Once you’ve dialed into the type of decision-maker you’re working with you can anticipate their needs and objections and obliterate them. This all starts with first realizing that both sides are selling the other at the same time. 

Listen in to learn more about the three key insights for this episode:  

  • What are the 4 decision-making personas you’ll meet in any sale? 
  • Why is seeding through storytelling the easiest way to get more sales? 
  • How do you obliterate objections without manipulating prospects? 

Some people ask how these concepts don’t equate to you changing yourself for each sale. Well, are you the same person to your grandparents as you are with your friends? Are you the same with your mother as you are with your wife? No! You change how you act and communicate based on those around you. This is the same concept!

In This Episode: 
[04:09] – Learn the three key insights for this episode. 
[05:29] – Alex reveals the topic for this episode – why a sale is always “made”.
[06:10] – Hear more about Jeffrey.
[06:54] – What makes life easier for you if you don’t like to sell? Hint: it’s not the Golden Rule.
[07:32] – It’s the Platinum Rule: Do unto others as they would be done unto.
[08:36] – What are the 4 decision-making personas? 

  1. The competitive decision-maker. (What?)
  2. The spontaneous decision-maker. (Why?)
  3. The humanistic decision-maker. (Who?)
  4. The methodical decision-maker. (How?)

[11:04] – Why closing a sell starts with storytelling.
[11:57] – Your origin story should obliterate objections.
[12:20] – Turn objections into FAQs, case studies, etc.
[13:46] – Use the same language throughout your messaging to better obliterate objections.
[15:45] – Alex reveals a story about a 6-year old and a 90-year old who signed up for his masterclasses and how he worked that into a story he uses.
[19:56] – After you create FAQs, turn them into case studies that follow the P-A-R formula.
[21:14] – This episode’s Alexism is this: “Seeding through storytelling is the new selling.”
[21:53] – Alex recaps the three key insights for this episode. 
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