What is a connector? I can’t think of a better way to explain this than by sharing the story of my friend Joe Polish. Joe is now known as the founder of the Genius Network, but he started out with nothing. I share how he rose from nothing to achieve overwhelming success by learning how to connect people.

Joe started out in the carpet cleaning industry. He taught carpet cleaners how to grow their network thereby growing their businesses and their profits. He took what he learned in that industry and then applied it to many others. He learned that being able to connect people is a wonderful skill to have and a necessity in business. 

Today I share how connecting with connectors directly affects your business by shining some light on Joe’s background and what I learned when he started the Genius Network. See, I was supposed to be one of the original members, but the value was lost on me at the time. Hear why I changed my tune, and how connectors have affected my business.

The three key insights for this episode are:  

  • What are connectors and why do they boost social influence?
  • How to approach connectors so they help increase your status.
  • What are the 3 common mistakes people make when connecting with connectors? 

Connectors are not in and of themselves the key to fortune, but they are certainly the maps to those keys. Check out the Alexism for today’s episode for an even better quote. Have you connected with connectors? Did you make any of the classic mistakes? 

In This Episode: 
[05:00] – Alex shares the three key insights for the episode which will help you connect with connectors.
[06:28] – Listen in as Alex shares his connection with Joe Polish, a coach who started with carpet cleaners.
[08:42] – How the “Better Your Best” model has affected Alex’s businesses.
[09:27] – In 2006, Joe approached Alex to be one of the first connectors in his new program.
[10:23] – Learn why Alex said no to Joe’s offer.
[12:27] – What are connectors? 
[13:21] – Know the boundaries in connecting with connectors.
[14:21] – You have to know what kinds of connections you want.
[14:59] – Why knowing connectors will keep you from cold calling ever again.
[15:40] – Keep in mind that connecting with connectors does not automatically make you more money.
[19:36] – Give connectors testimonials! Learn why this is so important!
[21:11] – What are the three common mistakes people make when connecting with connectors? 

  1. Keeping score.
  2. Slow follow up.
  3. Focusing on monetization.

[24:04] – This episode’s Alexism is this: “Tapping into a business network is not having a treasure map that leads to a chest full of golds and riches. It’s like having a treasure map that leads to a treasure chest full of other treasure maps.”
[24:52] – Alex recaps the main points of the episode including what the ultimate question is and its value, how to determine your NPS, and when you should ask the ultimate question. 
[26:00] – If you’ve already given Alex a review, write down your biggest takeaway from this episode on an index card. If you haven’t, though, please use that Aha! moment as your review for the show at this link!
[28:00] – In honor of this episode, Alex gives listeners a final gift. You can get a completely free copy of his book Alexisms by going to this link! You will also get free access to his $497 VBT e-Course!

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