In 2004, my friend Joe Polish and I put our heads together to build a system for creating lifetime clients. After all, selling and marketing to people you are already affiliated with is much easier than appealing to a new audience. We created “stick strategies” to boost maximum profits, minimize losses, and increase the lifetime value of our customers and clients.

Stick strategies are ways to pamper your clients and make them feel invaluable. We have found more than 45 different strategies that are effective, but today I want to share with you just 5 of them. Listen in as I describe the strategies and why they are effective.

Once you’ve enacted your stick strategies, it is time to indoctrinate your clients. Learn why stick strategies work, how they apply in your marketing funnel, and how to indoctrinate your newly sticky customers. The three key insights for this episode are:

  • Why do stick strategies maximize the lifetime value of clients? 
  • What are 5 time-tested stick strategies any business owner can utilize? 
  • How can stick strategies become part of a marketing sales funnel? 

After listening, don’t forget to write down your AHA! Moment from the episode and leave a review if you haven’t already. Does this speak to the actions you are taking in your business? 

In This Episode: 
[04:01] – Learn the three key insights for this episode.
[05:32] – Why Stick Strategy Secrets was created and how it was marketed without social media.
[06:51] – What is a stick strategy? 
[09:20] – The 5-stick strategies that propelled Stick Strategy Secrets to success.

  1. The callback.
  2. Creating confirmation page videos.
  3. Recorded phone messages.
  4. A glossary of terms.
  5. Create folders with “! “ to put at the top of their email inbox and keep you top of mind.

[19:06] – Stick strategies are about pampering your clients and customers. Learn why!
[20:21] – How to indoctrinate your customers in 3-steps: 

  1. New language.
  2. A place for the community either online or in person. 
  3. New leadership.

[21:57] – How much more profitable business be if you kept clients for life? Hire a “stick manager!”
[22:54] – The Alexism for this episode is, “In the business world, you’re either ‘growing’ or ‘dying’ — period.”
[23:15] – Hear the quick review of the insights you rediscovered in this episode.
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