ASA 31 | Law Of Precession


For every action that you take, there will be a corresponding effect. That’s the law of Karma or as Buckminster Fuller would put it, the law of precession. In this episode, Alex Mandossian tells the story of how the honeybee fulfills its universal purpose without knowing their true purpose. If you’re not sure what your true purpose is at first, there’s no need to fret. Keep moving and follow your instincts, your true purpose will find its way to you. Alex also talks about why getting feedback and accepting objections is necessary to becoming a better influencer.

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Invisible Power of Precession

In this episode, you’ll learn three key insights that I believe are critical to making you a highly skilled ethical influencer. You’ll discover why having your true purpose realized is best understood by the principle of precession.

You’ll also learn why the behavior of the honeybee is how precession can be expressed. Finally, you’ll learn why movement, not the clarity of what you want will help you find your true purpose. Lean in, read carefully because this episode could have a significant impact on high quickly and easily win the hearts of others.

If English is your second language and you’re outside of North America, I hope you decide to read this and other episodes, not once, not twice, but three times because nothing empowers your fluency in any language more than learning the art of ethical influence.

Law Of Precession

This is a story of the Law of Precession. If you haven’t heard of it, then lean and read carefully. The Law of Precession is best defined by the late Dr. Buckminster Fuller commonly known as Bucky, as the effect of bodies in motion on other bodies in motion. It’s a term that comes from physics, but Bucky had this knack for taking complicated ideas and expressing them in such a simple way.

People who studied his work were blown away because taking something complicated and simplifying it so that the masses can understand them. It made him not only a wise teacher but the Leonardo da Vinci of the 20th century. Bucky is who I consider being my root mentor as you probably know from a previous episode.

If you’re not familiar with Bucky, you can look him up on Google or Wikipedia, but he was an architect, he was an engineer. He was an inventor, a mathematician, a philosopher. He was a designer, a scientist, a futurist, a teacher, a father, and a husband. He published more than 35 books and is widely known for coining the term Spaceship Earth that’s looking at the earth like a spaceship.

Back in the day, there were 366 sovereign nations, he looked at each sovereign nation as having an admiral and the earth being a spaceship hurling into space. His commitment to exploring a life of integrity was all about fulfillment and prosperity, and he wanted to leave a legacy in doing his work that was aligned with the truth and for the highest good of all.

If you know from a previous episode, he was knee-deep at the Lake Michigan shores on an icy winter evening and he was contemplating suicide. He made it about-face, he decided to create an experiment in making the world work. Because after all, the lake would always be there and I’m glad he made that about-face because if he didn’t, then I probably would not be here teaching you this.

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Back to the Law of Precession, it simply states that for every action we take, there will be a side effect. It’s like Karmic Marketing if you’re familiar with that from another episode. We don’t know what the side effect will be, just like the honeybee doesn’t know the side effect of making honey, but there’s always a side effect. Every cause has an effect is one of The Four Laws of Karma. If karma is a term that bothers you, then it’s one of the laws of cause and effect.

Bucky’s favorite example of defining precession is that of the honeybee. You know what the honeybee is, but you may not know that honeybees are vital to many ecosystems on earth. If they ever become extinct, humankind would soon follow.

The purpose of the honeybee is cross-pollination and the sustenance of life on earth. The honeybee doesn’t know that, but the universal purpose of the honeybee is cross-pollination. All the honeybee knows is they are making honey, but as a result, they make more flowers at the same time.

Do you think they know their true purpose and do you think that they are driven to save the world by making honey? I don’t think so. They are only drawn towards making the honey and going back to the hive, but as they move from flower to flower, their body and their legs accidentally gather pollen, which then results in cross-pollination and fertilization of more flowers.

When I’m on stage, I constantly asked the audience, “How do flowers have sex?” My answer is, “They don’t know.” All of a sudden there is another flower like a few feet down, it’s all because of the honeybee, it’s not because of flowers. It’s funny, but at the same time it’s elegant. That’s the precession effect of following their instinct, and I’m talking about the honeybee.

The honeybee unknowingly is fulfilling its true purpose through the movement of making honey. If they didn’t move forward to make honey, then there wouldn’t be any cross-pollination. The same is true for you, even though it sounds a bit scary and uncertain, there’s no way of knowing ultimately what your true purpose is until it finds you, that’s my belief. I want you to be more like the honeybee as an ethical influencer going through your life and building your business.

Discovering Your True Purpose

What does this tell you, the story of the honeybee, about discovering your true purpose my friend? It tells me that it’s okay not to have full clarity about what your true purpose is at first. As long as I follow my instincts and consistently act upon them, I know through the Laws of Nature that the precession effect will follow and good things will happen.

Your true purpose can take shape the same way. As Albert Einstein said, who knew Bucky Fuller, “Nothing happens until something moves. Without movement, life is impossible.” Moving forward and not procrastinating. Moving forward to finish and not being a perfectionist, moving forward and keeping it going so that you can build momentum. That is ultimately how you find your true purpose. You can’t find your true purpose. Your true purpose finds you as a result of precession.

You can only gain more clarity and confidence after you start the moving process. Don’t let your lack of clarity stop you from moving forward, that’s what I encourage you. I can’t make you believe that, but I encourage you. Encourage means to give courage.

ASA 31 | Law Of Precession

Law Of Precession: Even though it sounds a bit scary and uncertain, there’s no way of knowing ultimately what your true purpose is until it finds you.


If you’ve been me and you’ve been reading All Selling Aside, then you know that my intentions for you are to grow and this is one of the ways to grow is allowing precession to work for you. If you learn to trust and understand your internal impulses and keep moving, you can correct and continue. If you stop the moving process, then you can’t correct and continue because there is nothing to correct and continue.

Bucky said even if you make mistakes along the way, he said, “Mistakes are great. The more mistakes I make, the smarter I get.” Let me give you a concrete example because this may sound like a theory to you and philosophical. When I start writing a webinar script, I know that it’s going to take me about 30 to 40 hours of writing to complete the first draft.

When you start your first project, it takes more time, but afterward you develop templates and language patterns and it takes less time, but in writing a webinar script it will typically take me about 30 hours.

Here’s what I do. I write two hours a day and I write for about 30 minutes at a time. I don’t use my phone as a countdown timer. I use an hourglass. I am completely disconnected from technology such as email. My mobile phone is turned off. I don’t look at text or voicemail or anything else, I write and I flip the hourglass.

I tell my students I’m going to do four flips of scriptwriting now, what that means is 30 minutes, 30 minutes, 30 minutes, 30 minutes and that’s two hours. I may get three flips in the morning and one flip at night and each flip equal 30 minutes. I don’t edit, I write. I know if I edit then I’m moving away from that part of my brain of writing that first draft.

After I believe I’m done, I start editing. The editing process takes one-tenth of the time of writing, and it’s a lot easier. I go into my editing brain, which takes place in a different part of the brain. The aim is a mass influence because it’s a webinar. I’m influencing many people at a time, so all of this is worthwhile, but I’m not looking or thinking about true purpose.

I’m not thinking about how successful it will be or I’m not uncertain whether it will work or not, I’m just moving forward and writing. What else can I do? Every other thought will get in the way. Are you tracking what I’m saying?

In the same way, I’m not going to do all 30 hours in one day or even one week, many times it takes me three weeks because I have other things to do, but like the honeybee, I’m just making honey. In this case, my honey is writing a webinar script, and as a result, other things happen.

I have a blog post that is hiding inside of that script. I have a Facebook post and Facebook videos hiding inside that script. I have my Facebook Friday show episodes that are hiding inside that script. They raise their hand and say, “Look at me,” that is what precession is.

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If I was writing and editing or if I stop writing or even worse, never started writing or I didn’t keep going until I finished, I wouldn’t have the processional effect finding me. Then my true purpose ends up becoming something that I never realized possible. Are you following me? You can only know what your internal signals are if you follow them and get feedback.

For me, all I look at is when the sand has gone through that hourglass of 30 minutes and then I stop or I flip it and go for another half hour. That’s all I’m looking for. I’m myopic like I got blinders on like a racehorse and I continue. I know that feedback is only possible with that level of movement. For me, feedback is the editing time and editing doesn’t even begin until I’m done with what I believe to be done with version one.

Be Open To Objections And Move Forward

If you want to become a better influencer, then start getting feedback from your prospects. Start attempting to influence them and get objections. When you get objections, the goal is for you to figure out what your responses will be, that when you hear them again you’ll have a response that is planned.

The worst thing to do is have a response that is winging it, that’s what most people do. Even worse, they hope that the objection never happens, which means that they are not interested in what you have to sell. You can start planning and expressing your responses with those objections after you get them.

Each prospect that makes the sale on you meaning, they were meant to be a prospect and not a client, will lead to you getting closer to making the sale on them, which is more painful to be prospect than to be a client of yours. The sale is always made. Either you make it or the prospect makes it. I learned that from my good friend Jeffrey Gitomer, but the only way for you to make it is to move forward and get the objections and then you can unlock those doors with keys that either response that is planned.

When you’re focused on movement, it’s not about your true purpose. All you do is you stop doing what’s not working and you continue to do what is working. Eventually and this is my belief, your true purpose will find you. You don’t have to believe what I’m saying here, but if you take the time to study the actions of how billionaires became billionaires, this is the approach that is the key to their success. How do I know? Because I’ve studied them and I continue to study them.

I’ve earned the right to claim this because I’ve made a habit of studying them on video and through their biographies. Billionaires are different than millionaires in my experience because they’re less obsessed about the interruption or the distraction of finding their true purpose. They are just maniacally obsessed and committed to moving forward.

Think of Elon Musk regardless of the press he’s gotten, think of the late Steve Jobs, think of Warren Buffett, think of JK Rowling of the Harry Potter series, think of Jeff Bezos of Amazon, think of Oprah Winfrey. They’re moving forward constantly and they are not preoccupied.

Is this my true purpose? Because that was a distraction. I’m not preoccupied with editing a webinar script until I’m done writing. Are you tracking? I want to make sure you’re with me. Without movement, permanent and positive changes are not possible.

ASA 31 | Law Of Precession

Law Of Precession: The bigger your calling or your true purpose, the more profound the changes you’ll make to humanity and the stronger the resistance will be.


Here’s the paradox that I want you to remember, which is the point of the story. The bigger your calling, meaning the bigger your true purpose, the more profound the changes you’ll make to humanity, but the stronger the resistance will be. Think about it. Steve Jobs knew that. He changed the music business.

Do you think he didn’t get lots and lots of resistance to the music mafia in Nashville, in Los Angeles, and other parts of the world when he came up with iTunes? Didn’t you think that he battled with Apple records for many years before the Beatles were available on iTunes? Look it up, it’s there.

Steve Jobs did not invent the MP3 player. He didn’t invent the tablet. He didn’t invent the mobile phone or even the watch, but he made them sexier. He made them simpler. He made them so that it would change our behavior through the iPod, the iPad, the iPhone and now the iWatch. He allowed the precession effect to unfold. The same is true with Bill Gates, the same is true with JK Rowling, the same is true with Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Oprah Winfrey, it goes on and on.

I invite you to model their behavior because making honey is the bees’ job, but cross-pollination creating new flowers and ecosystems, that’s their true universal purpose. The Law of Precession is discovering true purpose, not with the clarity of what it is, but through focused movement. Nothing happens until something moves, Albert Einstein.

There is a silent fear that you may feel as I’m saying this is when seeking your true purpose, what if you’re moving in the wrong direction? That’s an Alexism you probably heard in past episodes. The only thing worse than going in the wrong direction is going in the wrong direction enthusiastically.

Let’s say you went in the wrong direction enthusiastically, now you have an origin story. You have a story that can connect with other people in your audience whether virtual or physical and they all can relate as I express, “Nothing is worse than going the wrong direction enthusiastically.” Immediately I bond with my audience. It does have a purpose.

Once again, precession, the definition is the effect of bodies in motion and other bodies in motion like the sun, the earth and other planetary bodies. Bucky Fuller’s key premise that exploration is more important than discovery. Albert Einstein was known to say that curiosity was so important, the curiosity of a child that’s exploration.

In nature, the true purpose is revealed through side effects, not through human intention. For the honeybee, its impact on the ecosystem is documented. If a honeybee becomes extinct, humankind will soon follow. The purpose of the honeybee as it relates to the universe is cross-pollination at least at it relates to earth.

There is an example I talked about in the previous episode. Back in the day when Henry Ford was trying to manufacture cars and automobiles, he was known to be an improver. There was a model A, B, C, D, E, F, all the way to model T, but the problem was back in his time, cars were made by putting them on a block and people would come up and put parts on that car.

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Accidentally, it was a happy accident. He had traveled to Chicago as the story goes and he saw the way butchers would handle meat in a meatpacking plant. There would be butchers that were lined up and the meat would come down this assembly line. They then would take their little pieces off and put them on butcher paper. Then it would go out to the stores, and he thought, “I can apply that to car manufacturing.”

Even though there were 2,000 or more car manufacturers during the term of the 20th century, Henry Ford didn’t invent the assembly line. Like Steve Jobs, he innovated what was already in another industry for many years. He pulled the car through an assembly line and then there were millions of model T’s generated. The middle class was born, his workers could afford the car and that is the power of precession.

Alexism: Create New Marketing Movements

The Alexism for this episode is don’t just launch new products or services, create marketing movements. Make it your purpose to create new marketing movements. The distinction that will remind you of is the bigger your calling, the bigger what you believe your true purpose to be, the more profound the change will be on humanity.

However, the paradox is the stronger the resistance will be against you. Why? Because you are shaking things up and politically, even economically, other people and other organizations will be resisting you. The more resistance, the stronger you get. That’s what happens in the gym. I work out every day. The more fatigued I get, but the stronger I ultimately get.

Here’s a review about the insights you and I discovered in this episode. First, the principle of precession is invisible, but it leads to your true purpose. I believe you can’t find your true purpose. I believe your true purpose finds you.

Next, the honeybee maintains the human ecosystem here on earth and its purpose is to make honey. Through the Laws of Nature, the true purpose for the earth is cross-pollination to make more flowers. Finally, true purpose can be discovered only through movement first and then clarity second. If you’re looking for clarity on what your true purpose is, I think you will not be a happy camper.

Remember, these insights can only work for you if you worked them, and speaking of reviews, before we end this episode and I do this with every episode at the end. I want you to go to and I want you to type in your biggest takeaway or your a-ha moment you experienced in this episode.

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I hope our paths cross again for this show dedicated to making influence more specifically, ethical influence precessionally within your reach so that you can achieve and even exceed your sales potential. Do whatever it takes to join me next because our topic will be Priority is the New Productivity, that’s the title for episode number 32.

I encourage you to invite a friend or maybe bring a study buddy because it’s more fun to learn with others and you can compare notes. I can’t wait to connect with you then. It will be super fun and I can’t wait for our path to cross often.

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